10 SEO Optimization tips for Multiple Locations

10 SEO Optimization Tips for Multiple Locations | Blog | Exlval

SEO is a term used to describe anything you do to improve your Website that ranks high in Google for keywords and phrases related to your business. Local SEO helps you ensure that your business can appear on top search results in your area when people search for any product or services.

However, do you know How to operate your business for multiple locations? With the help of local SEO, it is easy to expand business in numerous areas and help companies show up in front of the relevant audience. SEO helps you to reach your intended audience and expand your reach in multiple locations.

Now that we have an idea about why it is essential to optimize our website for multiple locations?

Let’s take a look at

the ten optimization tips for multiple locations to reach more customers.

1. Perform Competitor Research:-

Competitor research is very important for effectively implementation of  SEO for multi-locations, it is essential to analyze or research the market and competition. Competitor research is the best aspect to know about market strategy and what strategy they are following to grow in the current market. With this, you can get a clear idea about the market and come to know what the audience wants and what makes you unique, and how you can take advantage of multi-locations for your business.

After understanding these questions, you can get a clear idea about implementing a local SEO strategy for multiple locations that will help you convert and attract more leads and customers.

You can begin by conducting a simple analysis of your strength, weakness, and market value. With this, you can also get to know at which point you are lacking and what things you need to improve in your strategy.

Basically, Competitor research is an essential aspect of SEO. You can start by conducting a simple analysis of weaknesses, strengths, and strategies and evaluating what your competitors are doing for the rank batter in the search engine.

2. Create Location-Specific Content:-

As the name suggests, create location-specific content, or if you want to rank in different locations, it’s essential to create content and pages optimized explicitly for various locations you want to rank the Website.

You need to take care of one thing that you swap the city name, but different content is also significant. If you are using the same content on other pages, it is possible to duplicate content penalties. You will need to ensure that the content for each location is as unique as possible.

We can also take local customers’ help as testimonials for each location with the shop or store’s photos. We can create new pages for each location and then optimize it according to unique content, keywords, heading tags, etc.

3. Claim Local Business Directory Listings:-

This is also the best way to optimize SEO for multiple locations is to claim local business directory listing on Bing, Google, and Yelp. In a business directory listing, you can include necessary information like Name, Address, Phone Number, hours of operation, and photos.

With this, you can link the local directory listing to your location page on your Website. In this way, you can optimize according to multiple locations. Did you know Google holds 92% of the search engine? That’s why don’t forget to include the business directory.

4. Claim Google My Business Listing:-

Claiming the business on Google My Business is an easy process and allows you to show for multiple locations. So you can create a GMB account and the management of various locations with various users.

Each business location can claim its profile to promote:

  • Contact information
  • Address details including driving directions
  • Reviews and customer comments
  • Photographs and opening hours

Make sure you optimize Google My Business for better Google search results, and Google Map queries for multiple locations. Google My Business allows you to add various locations to more than ten businesses. For businesses looking to optimize the company in numerous locations, then Google My Business is the best option for them to optimize multiple locations.

5. Combine Locations into one Domain:-

Another best approach after optimizing for Google My Business is to optimize the content of the Website for local search according to multiple locations; if you optimize your Website for various sites, then you may think to create multiple domains.

Now one question comes to mind how to handle multiple storefront locations. For example, for each site, do we need its separate Domain?

The best approach is to use one Domain for multiple locations. So you can easily include subdomain with no need to think about backlinks as Google separates each backlink according to locations. Treat each location as unique with customer reviews, comments, and content.

If you plan to create unique content for each location, use a subdomain or sub folder to manage them. This will allow you to geographically target-specific portion of your Website without having to work or optimize multiple locations.

6. Focus on Link Building:-  

Link building is the heart of SEO. The quality of backlinks on to Website is directly proportional to the authority of Website on Google. To boost your rankings for local search results, you need to focus on earning more quality backlinks or link building from local sites.

For example, you can take bloggers and influencers of your location to allow you to guest post on their sites. You can also take the help of different off-page activities like a press release, social bookmarking, NAP syndication to earn quality backlinks.

Quality Backlinks = Authority of Website

You can also earn a link from local publications, hosting events, or local journalists to promote your Website in different locations. This way, you can make more local links and also generate authority for your Website. Or this is also an effective way to send a positive signal to Google that will boost your local search results ranking.

7. Maintain Citations consistency:- 

Citations are an effective term when planning to optimize your Website for multiple locations. But when you are listing your business in online directories, it’s essential you remain consistent when citing your Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) for each location.

For example, your business address is street no24 lane 44, on your Website, then add the same address on all citations. Don’t change anything different from your Website address; this can confuse potential customers and cost you valuable leads.

As we know, online business citations can help you drive leads and attract customers, so you need to remain consistent while listing or citations. Add valuable and crucial details in all listings or citations to drive leads and customers.

8. Avoid Keyword Stuffing:- 

Keyword Stuffing means adding too many keywords in a page’s content to boost ranking, but it adding too many keywords is not suitable for ranking, like spam linking google thinks it is a way to deceive the audience. That’s why keyword stuffing is not ideal for your Website. The result can be Google will remove stuffed pages from ranking or indexing.

When you are writing content for your Website, then you need to maintain the ratio of keywords to the content for the best results. For this, you can hire the Best Digital Marketing Experts in India.

9. Work on Local reviews:-  

Local reviews are the most attractive way to attract local people or audience towards your business. This will help you reach more audiences or locals and pay attention to reviews, so it will be more beneficial for your business or reviews to promote products & services.

Reviews can also great social proof as people trust what other customers say about your business more than what you have published on your Website. You can ask your people to leave feedback about their experience after purchasing any product or service, or you can also send short email surveys about your services.

10. Be Accurate and Consistent:-

This is the important term for every location; we need to be accurate and consistent. One mistype zipcode or number can result in a significant loss. We need to double-check everything before submitting any profile or listing. Re-check everything before submitting, and if any error occurred, then edit it. Profile edits can happen as often as required.

With accuracy, we also need to focus on the consistency of what appears on our business profile or Website is essential. Proper consistency and accuracy can be a great result in leads and customers.


So the decision is, if done correctly, multi-location SEO techniques can help grow not just one business but all locations. However, it takes time and industry expertise to achieve that result.

Local SEO is an essential part of Modern digital marketing techniques. To compete with your competitor in this market, you need to focus on expanding your business to many locations. Take the help of the Best Digital Marketing Company to grow your business in multiple locations.