Digital Marketing for Pharmaceutical Company

Digital Marketing for pharmaceutical company

Pharmaceutical industry is still lagging behind sustaining its complete digital presence. Marketing is about meeting the expectations of customers and sustaining a good relationship with them. Digitalizing current traditional market model will not only impact vastly our budget but Digital Marketing has become essential in the lives of both B2B and B2C customers.

Implementing digital strategies is far more required and providing services with digitization is step ahead towards the improvements of the pharmaceutical sector.

On earlier days, people were consulting a doctor by making an appointment via calls or visiting a nearby clinic. They had no choice but to rely on a prescription provided by the doctor. Although, now we have a full-fledged solution available on the internet, a hub of knowledge where we get a spectrum of information within a few seconds.

Patients, now, prefer to search everything online as per their symptoms and then decide to see a doctor. Covid 19 pandemic situation is also a recent and great example to consider digital strategies in the nick of time. It’s still unknown how and when we will completely get rid of this fatal disease.

Demand for medicine is perennial, so, Iqvia report says, “Its global usage exceeds a total market value with annual growth of 3% to 6%”.

Marketing is all about being customer centric, and patients all above here are a focal point of a pharmaceutical company. Predominantly, a patient’s changing behavior is an adequate reason to spur healthcare providers on to set effective digital strategies afoot.

Besides all its importance, pharmaceutical marketing is difficult, especially for doctors, as there is no one product we deal with but health specific services, which is truly vast within itself.

So, we will discuss a new marketing approach by making it more personalized, aiming for local citizens and majorly implementing advanced technology, using automations and making data driven decisions.

6 Digital Marketing Strategies for Pharmaceutical Company

Data and Analytics: rely on abundance of data 

Data analytics is a greater evolution in accessing a large amount of information called “Big Data” – comprising high volume, which is enormous data. Industries have already depended on these chunks to learn the patterns in consumer’s behavior and comprehend how effective treatments can be.

This analytic technology presents a great opportunity for pharmaceutical companies. Big Data keeps a great promise for pharmaceutical companies in discovering the new drugs in time and knowing patients’ trends or nature.

According to Consultancy McKinsey, the effective big data strategies could boost annual value up to $100 billion in the US healthcare system alone. – (

Automation has become part of our lives already with this improving and enhanced technology – AI and machine learning. Corporations commenced to own Marketing automation to understand the consumer’s behavior. By analyzing and using content available on a few mediums such as when individuals click on relevant Ad on social media and page views, marketing automation predicts behavior and interests. And all these will happen with the help of big data.

Although, along with its all boon, big data puts the information at the edge – embraces sensitive data. Security turns out to be the chief concern we have to cater to. Mandatory putting strict rules and regulations for privacy regard a step to attain safety.


24/7 service and automation

A new digital strategy, I believe, should be present 24/7 with automated responses, live tracks of their status and much more. Normalizing automation and 24/7 care will uplift the digital strategy and put hurdles at ease. Monitoring health status frequently will be in demand and necessary in the times of severity. Patients can be easily up-to-date with temperature or anything they get diagnosed with, not everybody can afford to own expensive products in the market.

Let’s look at examples,

Our prior aim in marketing is to make customers feel comfortable, engaged and heard. If somebody raised one complaint ticket, they would expect a response in a short period. This will be possible without barriers when the customer care team is updated on their end. Automation here helps to generate tickets and notify the right support team. Concurrently, send an automatic generated email to customers, it’s engaging and interactive both to sustain trust.

Google fit, fit bit and others are the products to keep track of their daily health activity. However, lags sometimes due to the bane of their prices. Here, the pharmaceutical industry can take a lead in providing such features with their service which will be the optimal option for patients to get requirements at one place.


Personalized marketing

Medicines are prescribed not only based on common health issues but individual’s health needs. Personalization comes on the front line of healthcare attempts.

Precise decisions for therapies and treatments are majorly customized to each patient in digital marketing, eradicating the “all-purpose” approach which cannot be continued. Strong personalization takes a consistent relationship between marketing, technology, customer management, sales and data.

In advertising, we can achieve personalization with data-driven marketing which helps to deliver distinctive needs to patients through big chunks of data. One-to-one messages make things possible in knowing each patient thoroughly with a personal touch in it, this encourages them to participate with credibility. Email marketing service considers a keystone for personalization in digital marketing strategy.

Health is precious to be important to highly concernable during adversities for an individual. Bringing customers forward with personalization is extremely powerful in digital marketing, and also, supports building a healthy bond.

Strong social media presence

Best Digital Marketing approach to get closer to the patients and convert them into customers. The majority of people spends most of their time on social media and connects with others.

On social media, people prefer to gather and compare information; they discuss to take common perceptions before action. The pharmaceutical company’s task is to maintain availability on social media through content through tone of voice – engaging, simple, educating and most importantly clear and concise. Nonetheless, everybody has its own brand voice; these are effective to embrace in digital strategy for all.

Let’s look into recent covid observation happened in India,

As we all know, the second wave of covid has been disastrous in India, this is all to blame for a careless approach (or say “none”) of the government but let’s not get it into politics. People started to seek help on social media, where Twitter has been a brilliant support and provide help to millions of people through daily tweets and trending hashtags. In the times of scarcity of resources at hospitals, many people prefer to make social media their source of advice and availability of medicines and jabs.

People rely on social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc) much more than any medium now. Targeting these channels will not only help to comprehend patients thoroughly but also aid to develop a strong rapport.

Patient’s Influencer and KOLs

In Adweek, Oglivy mentioned that the influence of KOLs and influencers on ROI is quite impressive. It’s $6.50 for every $1.

Social Media Marketing, especially Instagram, gives a vast opportunity to get in touch with influencers who patients follow with trust. Influencers are the people or organizations who lead social media through gaining tremendous trust from millions of people and make their living on it (like actors, advocates, in politics etc). In contrast, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are the people with expertise in their profession who might not be available on social networks but are a lot more credible.

As people tend to listen to influencers and KOLs, partnering with such authoritative identities gives you the upper hand in knowing patients’ needs and wants with lesser efforts.

Patients become more aware to make a right choice for themselves in healthcare; this makes influencers more essential identities.

Influencer marketing has proven a noticeable success in the digital strategy, mainly on social networks, where a pharmaceutical company should take advantage of its spirit.


Content creation

In a general term, content is basically an information unrolls to focused audiences in any form through different mediums to fulfill its purpose. Speaking of the purpose, it aims to educate, spread awareness, and promote products or services and alert prospective audiences.

Content is about adding values to interactions, engaging and friendly enough to attract consumers. This is valuable for every industry making a space through digital marketing strategies.

Pharmaceutical companies can utilize content marketing approach to articulate their products or services to avoid misconceptions and complaints. They will be able to depict preliminary problems and solutions on websites, this embraces web content, social media content, product description, sales copy and ads, email writing, blogs and articles writing, and creative writing.

These above are the type of content we choose to step ahead with for targeted audiences, patients.

Let’s get down to brass tacks in content writing process

  • Write for your audience (patients for pharmaceutical and healthcare providers)
  • Have same voice throughout the whole content (active or passive)
  • Use proper grammar
  • Don’t sound too needy to sell
  • Give importance to headings
  • Make it simple

In conclusion

Right Digital Marketing strategies provide an enhanced platform and space to ease our communication with perspectives (patients, pharmaceutical professionals and doctors). However, we need to get wise to channel our way through this carefully, tackling problems, which we are most likely to face.

We need to cautiously check what is effective for us, which approach will bring us forward to connect with consumers (patients), and how well we can fill the gap. These thoughts are beginning to reach our goal and give a hand in continuous improvement.

Obtaining best digital marketing strategies will push to the right direction and that commences with opting a best digital marketing agency.

Best Digital Marketing Company escorts you to your goal with reliable business growth and effective cost solutions.

It’s your time now to make a right choice for your business growth.