How To Drive More Traffic With Social Media Optimization

How to drive more traffic with Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is a way to grow your business or company’s online presence. It is good for your business and provides organic traffic. Social Media Marketing is not only to set up your profile on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, but it is all about strategically creating, building and analyzing social media to grow with the right audience.

Optimizing your social media makes it easy for others that what services you are providing. Your goal as a business is not just to update your profile or get mentioned on Social Media but also to get referred to or recommend by others. It will help you to generate a targeted audience that is more important. 

One thing that is a myth about social media is that all social media platforms are equal. As a business, you need to make sure that you have a presence on the right social media platform. It is okay to promote your business on every major social media platform, but it is important to determine what social platform is good for your business. 

Social Media allow you to: –

  1. Increases your Online presence
  2. Generate Leads
  3. Connect with your targeted audience
  4. Strengthen your brand or business


Why Social Media Optimization is important: –

Did you know that 87% of marketers use Social Media? With so many companies, it is important to optimize your profile to grow in this online market. If you plan or work strategically, then it will help you to improve your Social Campaign to get more leads and conversions that is good for your business. 

Traffic generation is an essential component of Digital Marketing. It doesn’t matter at what stage your business is or when you have started your business; if you don’t have the right amount of traffic, you will not see any fabulous results. Having a solid social can increases the chance of getting more and more leads. By optimizing social media, you’ll also strengthen your brand. This is important for you to connect with your audience.

Here are some tips for driving more traffic: –                      

  1. Optimize your Strategy
  2. Optimize your Social Media Profile
  3. Conduct Keyword Research
  4. Create more relatable and shareable content
  5. Work on your Posting Schedule
  6. Use Trending Hashtags
  • Optimize your Strategy: –

 A lack of Social Media Strategy is not good for your business. 28% of brands feel that the lack of Strategy is a barrier to the growth of their business. To optimize any social media campaigns, you need a strategy that clearly defines your goal and objectives. A social media strategy should focus on growing business and achieving a good audience for your business. 

Steps to setup the strategy: – 

  1. Focus on Network that adds value
  2. Create valuable content
  3. Ensure your Social Media goals solve problems
  4. Try to engage with people instead of ignoring
  5. Identify Business opportunity on social

When you have a clear strategy, you can measure where you stand and make improvements. 

  • Optimize your Social Media Profiles: – 

To increase your reach on social media platforms, you can Optimize your Social Media profiles. This is one of the easiest and best ways to grow your social media. Instead of using a regular cover Image, you can use a background image or cover image with the logo. It not only helps you in branding but also provides a professional look to your company.  

As we all know, an incomplete or empty profile will not give you any professional look. You must fill in all the information like username, bio, website etc. Use an accurate and high-quality description that gives a clear idea about your business. This is important for your followers because it makes it easy for them to trust you. Like on Facebook and LinkedIn, you can enter a lot of information about your company. 

  • Conduct Keyword Research: – 

Like SEO, Keyword also plays an important role in Social Media. Keyword research is all about identifying the topics to target an audience, like what the audience is searching for, so you can create relevant and useful content. Keyword research also helps you learn about which hashtags to use in your social media post, so the chances of being found increase when users search any content relevant to your brand. You can use different social media keyword tools to select keywords for your campaign.                                                                

  • Make more relatable and sharable content:

Nowadays, the most important thing in social media is engagement. Effectively communicating with your followers and sharing good and relatable content should be the top priority of any social media marketer. This will help you to drive more and quality traffic. If people who follow you found your content good and relatable, they will also share the content with others. This will provide you with good and quality traffic. If you look around social media, you know that users want multimedia content.

According to one survey, 54% of users want video content, or they prefer video content. So, it is also good to create video content to drive a good amount of traffic. For example, Instagram is providing a reels option or IGTV video option, in which you can create video from 15 sec. to 1 Hour. By IGTV video or Reels, you can share good content with your followers. One thing you should make sure that the video content you create is short, to the point and engaging in every sense of the word.

  • Work on your posting Schedule: – 

Posting Schedule or time is also very important, like your post. What is the point of sharing good content if nobody sees it? The time of posting depends on the social media site you are using or on your audience. Like, create a schedule at which time you will post your content.

The second thing with timing is the right frequency. You want that many people see your post or content but don’t completely bombard your follower’s streams or timeline. Just break down your posting frequency for the different social media platforms. This way, you can share your content with your followers without bombarding their timeline.                                      

  • Use trending Hashtags: – 

This is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your content. Hashtags are an important and unique part of social media. With the help of hashtags, you can get a good reach to your post. It helps people to reach your content if they aren’t following you. This is an excellent opportunity for you to gain traffic and earn new leads. 

Choose hashtags according to your business. Don’t use irrelevant hashtags to generate traffic to your post. Hashtags are an important part of social media, so include hashtags while making Strategy. If a particular trending hashtag is related to your business, use it and take advantage of it. With the help of hashtags, you can reach more people and get your content to be seen and shared by more people. 


Pro tip: –

As you share a campaign, then it also necessary to track it to ensure that its working or not. Monitor your number of shares, retweets, followers and comments. This way, you get to know how your campaign is working or what changes you need to perform well on social media. 


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