How To Research Competitors Keywords

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A keyword is a foundation and base in which all search engine marketing or campaigns works. Targeting relevant, high-quality keywords play a key role to gain organic traffic.  Sometimes you need to find out competitors keywords like what keywords they are using.

A competitive keyword analysis is one of the best ways to compete with your competitor. With the research, you can compete with your competitor and gain the advantage of it for your business.

Targeting relevant, Quality keywords, and cutting negative keywords are all the steps marketer should take. Keyword research is important to target the right audience at the right time.

Now one thing comes in mind that how do you find those keywords that your competitor is targeting in their website for ranking. But first, let us know about what are the advantages of competitor’s keyword research.

Advantage of Research of Competitors Keywords:-

As we all know that keyword are the term which is used by the user to put the query to search engine. If your website has proper keyword that means your website can be a useful source to answer the user’s query.

This is good for a ranking of your website or the traffic on your website also increases which is good for your business. When you looked at your competitor’s site for a keyword then use a cool keyword research tool to find out about competitors keywords. Now you have a good list of keyword used by competitors.

There are many advantages of performing research of Competitors keyword:-

  • When you perform competitor’s analysis you get to know about where you stand up. This can be extremely useful to see how you are growing and performing against the competition. You can also check backlinks data of your competitor.

  • With competitor analysis, you came to know about updated terms or competitor’s keyword inspire you to target added terms and proper content that is good for your website.

  • You get to know about new competitors you may have not considered before. It is important to understand the ranking of everyone against you in SERPS.

Here are some competitor keyword research tools you can use to find competitor keyword:-

1. SEMrush:

One of the best tools for competitor keyword research is SEMrush. SEMrush offers you fabulous organic keyword tool which shows the ranking terms. It helps you to find competitor keyword very easily and quickly. When you are thinking about the ranking of your website then it is important to find about competitor keyword. It is easy to research competitor’s keyword in SEMRush.

You can search by keyword or URL; you can also filter the result by geographical area or country.  Performing competitor keyword research is as simple as inputting your competitor’s website and looking at the list provided by SEMRush.

SEMRush is good and quite easy way to research about your competitor. It also provides you with different tools to audit your website or for competitor analysis. Like SEMRush tracker also provide you with the URL which allows you to understand their content marketing.

2. SpyFu:-

SpyFu adds a twist in Competitor Keyword research process. It is a perfect tool for finding best competitors & for competitor keyword research. SpyFu is a tool that is completely dedicated to competitive intelligence research. Now one question comes in mind that how to do competitor’s keywords research in SpyFu. This tool supplies data according to weekly, monthly search volume, CTR, ad spend, backlinks, ad traffic etc.

Enter in SpyFu tool then select competition from the menu to the left of our domain overview After that it will bring you to the very cool feature, which allow you to research on three different competitors. With a single click, a list has a list of competitive intelligence data. In this list, you can see the list of organic keywords of your competitor. SpyFu also comes with weakness report, which tells about all the keyword in which staying two competitor ranks for.

This is quite good because in this you have an innovative idea about three of your competitors and at which keyword, they are lacking in the SERPS. This list of keyword weaknesses can be sorted by search volume, or also allow you to discover at what keywords your competitor is ranking for and your site is not. You can also access related keywords. SpyFu is an amazing and powerful tool for competitor’s keyword research.

3. Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer: –

Ahref is also one of the most used tools in the world. Let us say you have an idea about your one of a top competitors. Now you want to know what keyword and content that site ranks for so you browse data for an organic keyword.

When you enter your competitors URL then you can see the list of keywords they have used. Each keyword has volume data means you can see new keyword ideas and their approximate search volume in the same table – this is quite good. Ahref, allows you to find competitor keywords by parent topic as well as dozens of relevant, semantically related keywords at the same time.

With other useful data, such as search volume, CPC, traffic, and search result volume, Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer offers many other data like a wealth of historical keyword data such as SERP Overview and Position History.

Ahref’s keyword explorer is one of the best and easiest way to research about competitor’s keyword.   This tool works on reverse engineer technique like enter any keyword into keyword explorer then the tool will show you those keywords parent topic.

4. Google Keyword Planner Tools:-

It is also one of the easiest ways to research competitor keywords. Not only competitor’s keyword you can also find new keywords for your website. All you need to do is create a Google account to access the Google Keyword Planner Tool in Google Adword. Just follow these steps to research Competitors Keywords:-

Login to Google Adword, navigate to keyword planner, then move to “find new Keywords” option. Select the choice of searching keyword using website or category. Then click on the text field “Your landing page” and enter your competitor’s URL for keyword results.

Google will now crawl that URL and generate a list of keywords related to both the page and the website. When Google displays your results, click on the “Keyword ideas” tab below the graph to see your list of keywords of your competitor.

This way you can use the Keyword Planner tool to find out new keywords or competitors keyword that plays a key role in the ranking of your website. In just single click you can perform competitor analysis to get the idea about what keywords they are using.

5. HTML page source of your competitor’s website: –

This is also an effective way to know about your competitor’s organic keywords. In this, you do not need any kind of tool. Go to the website of your competitor and choose a page where you want to know about keyword than right click on the page to open the page source.

Another choice is just to press Ctrl+ U to open page source. In the page source, you have HTML source code of the page. In the code, you can find keywords in the title tag, the Meta description, the optional keywords tag, and any image title tags or alt tags. In source code, you will get to know about everything about page.


In this one thing you should keep in mind that not all website uses Keyword tag, but it is good to check once.

More Tools for Competitor Keyword Research:-

These different online tools you can use to research about competitors keyword. These tools will provide you with a list of normal & Pay-per-click keyword for Adwords or BingAds etc. Let us have a look at more tools for keyword research:-

  • Moz open site Explorer (Free or Premium)
  • Moz Keyword Difficulty & SERP Analysis Tool (Free or Premium)
  • Buzz Sumo (Free or Premium)