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Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics, India

Restrutcing Opulence’s website to make it more appealing to the audience and gain more leads and qualified prospects for its services.

“One of the most challenging tasks for us was to showcase our services and testimonials to our patients as we had a very bad experience with the website development until Exlval helped us out to restructure the website according to our needs and create a responsive website which resulted in massive attraction and reaching out to qualified prospects. Exlval excels at the services they offer”.

—Dr. Shaunakk Patel, Owner, Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics

About Opulence


Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics is a 5-star skin consultation clinic with a complete skin care center where patient education & awareness remain the cornerstone of our treatments.


Opulence offers multiple skin-to-body care surgeries to its clients. This is a one-stop solution from Acne removal, plasma pen non-surgical eye lift to Tattoo Removal surgery. 


They believe to put their patient’s trust highest in their altar. Setting themselves apart from our competition with their Exceptional Service, Personalised Followup & Exclusive incorporation of USFDA-approved laser systems as standard with adoption of Internationally established protocols with a proven track record for success.

The Challenge

One of the key challenges faced by opulence was to restructure its website so that it can showcase its services to its potential prospects and clients in a better way.


The second key challenge for Opulence was to generate leads from the website they are restructuring so that they could gain some high-quality prospects from the website.


The third challenge while developing the website was to present its offerings to clients in a unique way that is more appealing to them.

The Approach

While building a site from scratch does not require the effort we need to put in while restructuring the website. But our team at Exlval was ready to take this challenge and wanted to prove our excellence in our services. What we did was:-

We researched more about what unique we can add to the site while restructuring the site so that it can gain more attraction and users tempt to fill out the form or visit the clinic.


We focused more on the interface of the website. We wanted that people should feel the uniqueness of the website as unique as the services offered by Opulence. So we added plenty of animations that were quite eye-catching and could easily grab the user’s attention. 


Our team was more into applying visual and interactive design to the principle pages of the website. The goal is to create a cohesive and positive user experience.


We applied a different approach to simplifying the user interface so that users who come to the website can have a smooth user experience and can get their work done with a few clicks. 


With the addition of animation, it became easy to add CTA and showcase the services without directly appealing to the audience.


Restructuring the opulence website benefited the client in both terms. They gained more traffic on the website as it was more lightweight and well SEO-optimized due to which it ranked higher as compared to the competitor’s website.


They surged 120% more leads after restructuring the website due to an increment in the traffic and quality prospects landing on their website.


The CTA’s and Animations changed the website game totally and improved conversion rates of the website.

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