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case studies - Exlval Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad

Exlval Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad

case studies

LinkedIn Management | Alok Koshti

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LinkedIn Management | Alok Koshti

This 50-30-20 rule generated whopping 10000+ impressions on my profile I was shocked by the results Exlval has brought up to my profile. I always wanted to build a personal brand on Linkedin

This 50-30-20 rule generated whopping 10000+ impressions on Alok Koshti LinkedIn Profile within a week of Account Optimization and Personal Branding.

“I was shocked with the results Exlval has brought up to my profile. I always wanted to build a personal brand on Linkedin and that is where Exlval tapped and helped me out. They are just amazing with branding solutions and lead generation”

—Alok Koshiti, Founder KeyCMS.

About Alok Koshti

Alok Koshti

Alok Koshti is the founder and director of Key-CMS and lawyer4help. In the year 2010, when he thought of starting that help person; he was struggling with the idea. There were so many ideas going on. At that time he was working with a law firm that helped him know more about law areas and he saw contradictory effects on people’s health from the products which we use on daily basis, thus he wanted to work for patients who deserve justice but don’t know how to get it.


He wanted to become a source for them. He chose to provide these services in the USA and started LAWYER4HELP in the year 2011. He helped clients by connecting them to the right lawyer and getting compensation on their behalf. 


Then he started Key-CMS which helps you to connect with various service providers at the same place nonetheless of totally different services. In the next 2 years, he expanded it to 7 services Including BPO, KPO, IT, Accounting, Staffing, Digital Marketing, Tax services, and other business operations.

The Challenge

Alok Koshti wanted to build his personal brand and showcase the services he was provided with the help of Linkedin through which he could reach out to qualified prospects and generate high-quality leads for his business.


The other challenge was the profile optimization part for his Linkedin where he was lagging as his profile was not appealing and attracting more audience.

The Approach

We at Exlval focus on the basics of marketing first and then take that to an advanced level. The same we did with Alok Koshti profile, We focus mainly on the core part of the LinkedIn Optimization which was divided into 3 parts: –

1. Profile Optimization: –


One of the core things which is necessary to attract viewers and potential prospects are the profile itself. Alok Koshti profile was not much appealing and well optimized so we made a checklist and optimized the things like Headlines, Profile Picture, About Sections, Feature posts, and some secret corners of the profile to make it appealing.


2. Content Creation:-


The second part was mainly to create content that would add value and sell the services Alok Koshti was offering. Rather than focusing on Viral content we simply followed our secret Rule of 50-30-20 and generated a whopping 10000+ impressions on the profile in the first week.


3. Searchable:-


We have added quality keywords on the profile and about section to make it more searchable and rank higher on LinkedIn. Alok Koshti profile was ranked No.1 on LinkedIn on some particular keywords which gained more attraction to his profile.


The content part on Alok Koshti played well and resulted in a tremendous amount of attraction on the profile.


With the different formats of content and the value provided by the content, there was an increase in the number of leads produced with the profile.


After LinkedIn Lead generation Alok Koshti saw 70% more growth in his business as compared to the leads he was generating through the website and other media channels.

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Social Media Management | KeyCMS

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Social Media Management | KeyCMS

This is how the Social Media Brand Building and content creation for Key-CMS high-quality prospects and Brand Recall for existing clients.

“We wanted to leverage the power of Social Media and build a brand around it. But one of the challenging tasks for us was to create a content strategy that can help us create a Brand Image and gain organic reach. This is where the Marketing experts of Exlval tapped in. The Marketing experts are amazing with content strategy and Brand Building. Thanks to Exlval for providing amazing Branding Solutions for Key-CMS”.


—Alok Koshiti, Founder KeyCMS.

About KeyCMS


Key-CMS is USA’s leading outsourcing company which has expanded its business operations to India helps its clients to stimulate business experience with hassle-free services that are integral to any business.


Key-CMS takes care of your recruitment staffing,customer support, knowledge processing, or even accounting services while you get to redirect your focus on the bigger picture and expand your business. 


They are KPO, BPO, IT, Digital Marketing, and more – all rolled into one. They have 11+ years of expertise here to make your business operation run smoothly.

The Challenge

Key-CMS was facing an issue to position itself as a brand in its Business and get its prospect know about the services they were offering. 


They were also looking for a team who can create content for their social media channels and Brand themselves as a leading Outsourcing company.


They were also looking for Organic reach and quality leads through Social Media Channels.

The Approach

The Marketing Team of Exlval helped Key-CMS tackle its challenges by applying a unique and new approach for its brand positioning.


The Team focused mainly on the fundamentals of Social Media to build a brand as it wanted to target an audience that was hyper-niched and also wanted the existing clients to have a brand recall.


Here is what we did:-


1. Different Content for Different Social Media Channels


While building a brand on social media you need to create unique content for every social media channel.


Repurposing content can help you to build a brand to an extent. We solely focused on creating unique content according to different social media platforms.

2. We focused mainly on 3 social media platforms


There are tons of social media platforms where content can be created and distributed but finding which social media platform has the audience you require is a challenging task in itself.


We focused mainly on 3 social media platforms that are Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin for content creation of Key-CMS and the reason behind this was the variety of Audience they have on these media platforms.




This platform is more of a young generation focused Platform where in people from age group of 16 to 35 hangout. So we focused on creating video content. Our main target was to grab the attention of the audience more through the reels and informative and educational carousels. We wanted to build a brand more with the help of Video Content.




The audience here is a mixed audience of Younger and older generation. While creating content strategy for Key-CMS we juggled with the content and created a mix content type for both the audiences. With Facebook Key-CMS has generated authenticity for its business.




This platform was a perfect fit to generate quality leads with content as LinkedIn is known for the professional people. We created a brand image that was appealing to the professionals on LinkedIn and generated high quality leads inbound leads for Key-CMS with LinkedIn Content Marketing. LinkedIn also helped create a Brand Recall for the existing clients of Key-CMS.


Within 3 months of content creation and brand positioning Key-CMS saw a hike of 530% in the organic reach and traffic on different social media platforms. With the marketing strategy, plans and content calendar we created for Key-CMS helped them create a brand around their business.


Key-CMS has generated quality leads and high-quality organic traffic to their social media channels which increased their business revenue and also created a long-term brand image for their outsourcing business.

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Social Media Management |Krishna Flute

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Social Media Management | Krishna Flute

The hidden RVS content strategy of  Social Media helped Krishna Flute gain a quality audience and engagement on the content.

“While starting out the social media project with Exlval my online presence was completely dead and there was no online presence of Krishna Flute online. Exlval took the challenge and built the online presence from scratch and took the personal brand and Social Media presence of Krishna Flute to the next level with hundreds of thousands of active audiences on every channel and high-quality engagement as well. I am glad to on-board the Social Media Marketing team of Exlval for building Krishna flute as a brand”.

—Rahul Krishnan, Founder, Krishna Flute.

About Krishna Flute

Krishna Flute

Krishna Flute is a platform where you can learn more about Flute and other musical Instruments. They provide online lectures to students who want to explore the unique world of music.


A Music Producer by Profession and a Multi-Instrumentalist, Rahul got introduced to Music at a tender age of 11. 


Rahul Says:- 


“Music has been my best companion through thick and thin, since childhood. Whether you are happy or sad, Music can be your go-to solution. I want more people to understand and feel Music and get introduced to a whole new aspect of life.”


Rahul’s Music has been appreciated by many of the biggest celebrities like Siddharth Malhotra, Madhavan, Dia Mirza, Darshan Raval, Pritam, Bhuvan Bam, Nucleya, Ritviz, Vishal Mishra, Antara Mitra, Jassie Gill, Rochak Kohli, Sai Dharam Tej, Amaal Malik, Mithoon, Javed Ali, Rashmeet Kaur, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Kangana Ranaut and many more. International singer Anne Marie cited her love for one of the covers that Rahul posted of her song. A self-taught Flute player, Rahul says.


He had to spend a lot of time doing trials and errors and finding the best way to play Flute and produce the proper sound. 


With Krishna flute, he wants to make sure that his students don’t make the same mistakes that he made so they can learn fast and save a lot of their time.”

The Challenge

One of the key challenge faced while starting the social media project of Krishna Flute was that we need to start this from scratch. There was no online presence of Krishna Flute and we needed to start everything from scratch.


The second key challenge faced by Krishna Flute was the audience they were targeting. They were very much specified about the audience they wanted to target. They wanted to target narrow-minded people who were deeply interested to know more about Music and Musical Instruments.

The Approach

Our social media team was ready to take this challenge of starting the project from scratch but they had a wide variety of content to offer to the audience. So they followed a simple strategy to build content strategy for Krishna Flute which resulted in massive growth of their followers and engagement.


We followed an approach called RVS which helped the social media channel of Krishna Flute by 5x.

What is RVS Hidden Content Strategy?


R:- Research 

V:- Viral Content 

S:- Short Videos 


Research:- One of the key strategies while starting out any project is the research part done by the team. We did the research part and competitive analysis where we studied the strategies followed by the competitors and how they were putting the content on the social media channels. Our team also researched the target audience where they got to know about the people they wanted to target.


Viral Content:- As the social media channels were new and we had to start out everything from scratch so we needed a different approach to gain the attraction from the audience so we started with viral content. We hunted viral content in the music industry and built a content strategy around the viral content to gain attraction and engagement for social media channels.

Short Videos:- As the niche in which we had to create content was more of oriented to video rather than normal post content so we started focusing on short videos which attracted music lovers and other people who were more often music enthusiasts and wanted to learn about music. The social media channels of Krishna flute skyrocketed with this strategy as people love to watch short video content.


After following the RVS content strategy for Krishna flute for about continuous 2 months we have seen a massive growth of around 5 lakh+ organic views on the social media content from different channels which also resulted in real-time engagement on the content.


Also the social media content was posted by big celebrities like Akshay Kumar, Dia Mirza, Darshan Raval, Pritam, Bhuvan Bam, Nucleya, Ritviz, Vishal Mishra, Antara Mitra, Jassie Gill, Rochak Kohli, and many more celebrities which resulted in the amazing attraction of new audiences on the social media channels of Krishna Flute.

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Social Media Management | Kshitij Vivan

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Social Media Management | Kshitij Vivan Institute

The one viral post that has gained around 30% more followers in a single day on the Social Media Account of Kshitij Vivan.

“ We are an animation designing institute providing our client’s solutions related to graphics and Animation but we wanted to build our presence on the social media platforms and present Kshitij Vivan as a Brand but we couldn’t find the right resources. That’s where Exlval tapped in and helped us build our social media presence and Brand Kshitij Vivan as the best Animation Institute in Ahemdabad. They are just excellent at what they are doing and they are a one-stop solution to all your marketing needs. I would highly recommend them for the services they are offering”.

—Kshitij Vivan, Director.

About Kshitij Vivan Institute

Kshitij Vivan was founded in the year 2009 with the objective and focus of adding value to our stakeholders who largely comprise young and enterprising students as well as the semi-organized sector of the industry searching for some technological support in this very dynamic world dominated by something new every day. 


Mr. Ashish Goel has a rich experience of Marketing and Sales and has work experience of more than 11 years, he has worked at Senior positions in companies like Grasim, Reliance Industries, ICICI Bank ….. etc. In the Initial years, the firm was established with the franchise of Maac (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic) , a brand of Aptech, which has more than 15 brands like Arena Animation, Aptech Computer Education, Lakme Academy ……………..etc. 


Kshitij Vivan Education was having a franchise in Ahmedabad known as Maac Ahmedabad Satellite Road (till 2018) and presently the firm is having a franchise of Maya Academy of Advance Cinematic at Ahmedabad CG Road. Since 2018 Kshitij Vivan has established an education institute under its own brand with the name of Kshitij Vivan Education.

The Challenge

One of the key challenges faced while starting out the project was that we had to start everything from scratch. They were not having profiles on the social media channels so our team had to start out everything from zero.


Another challenge was to showcase the services they were offering to the audience with the help of Social Media.

The Approach

The Marketing Team of Exlval helped Kshitij Vivan tackle its challenges by applying an advanced approach for its brand positioning on Social Media Platforms.


They used the approach called “Virality” while building the content strategy for Kshitij Vivan. 


The Social Media team used a 3 step formula to make viral content:-

1. Research:-


While making content strategy for Kshitij Vivan they started to do in-depth research about the competitors, trends, and other things so that they can find out the most amazing and creative ideas to put on Social Media Channels. They analysed the competitors in-depth and the content strategy they were planning. Also while researching the content ideas they had to gain knowledge about the industry so they can put on the best content on the media channels.


2. Viral Content:-


Now the research part is completed but we need to hook the eyes of the audience and gain attraction and engagement of the audience so the team has started looking for viral content and what kind of content can be put into the social media channel so that it can go viral. They just started searching for the trending topics and viral content which was already going viral on the social media platforms and started creating content strategies around it.


3. Experiment:- 


This was the final stage while creating content for the social media channels as this was the most crucial part of the content strategy. We had to experiment with the content we were putting on the channels as every social media post cannot hook the eyes of the audience and cannot gain the attraction of the audience so we had to keep churning new strategies and viral content types to gain more engagement and attention of the audience.


We also created content to showcase the services they were offering but the ratio was quite less as compared to other content types as we need to gain the audience at the initial level and then expect to sell something to the audience.


The results which we provided were quite amazing as Kshitij Vivan was able to position itself as the Best Animation Institute in Ahmedabad and attract new leads and prospects through social media accounts.


The page has been gaining more engagement on the short videos we were putting in the form of Instagram reels which has resulted in an increase in followers.


One of the posts has gone viral and has generated 350% more engagement resulting in an increase in 30% of the total followers of Kshitij Vivan Instagram Account.


They were also able to showcase the services they were offering to the prospects and generate quality leads. 

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Web Copy Writing | Lawyer4Help

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Web Copy Writing | Lawyer4Help

The content strategy that helps Lawyer4help showcase their niche specified services and generate high-quality prospects.

“Showcasing services of Lawyer4help was a major task for us as it was a quite niche-specific industry and people are not much aware of the services we were tapping into. Exlval helped us to create quality content and reach out to the audience we wanted to target. Content Writers at Exlval are quite amazing with their job and their experienced write-ups helped us to gain more attraction to the audience”.

—Alok Koshiti, Director, Lawyer4help.

About Lawyer4Help


Lawyer4help helps you in getting your claim for your personal/accident/drug/product injuries, they are a USA-based marketing agency that bridges suffered individuals and their suitable attorneys for different types of class action lawsuits and mass tort cases with more than 10+ years of experience in this field.

If you have suffered injuries, loss, or damage due to the negligence or willful acts of others, contact Lawyer4Help USA today to file a personal injury medical malpractice lawsuit. Their lawyers are highly experienced and confident in their knowledge and ability to win the case for you.


Every case is different, but it is always a good idea to get legal representation early on in an injury case. The sooner you can work with a good personal injury lawyer, the better chance you will have at winning a settlement for your personal injury lawsuit.

The Challenge

The challenge faced by Lawyer4help was that they served very niche-specific clients and they wanted to reach out to the audience with the help of content.


They wanted to gain traffic with the help of user friendly content and wanted to rank their a website with the help of keywords.


They also wanted to help fellow attorney lawyers with the content they were putting on the

The Approach

The content approach we applied to Lawyer4help was unique as compared to the other projects we worked on. We moved to the basics and foundation of the content that we were going to put on the website.


We used 3 simple strategies while writing the content:-

1. Competitor Research:-


While framing content for Lawyer4help our writers made a deep analysis of the competitors they had in the niche. They deeply researched the format of the content and how competitors are putting it on.


2. User-Friendly and Keyword-Based Content:-


As according to google’s new algorithm for the content we generated more user-friendly content that was genuinely helping the audience to gain knowledge from the website. The content that we put on the website was keyword-based content as we wanted to rank the content so that it could reach out to more fellow lawyers or someone who is looking for consultancy or services.


3. Engaging Content with CTA:- 


One of the hardest tasks while creating content is to create content that is engaging and more appealing to the audience and the content writers at Exlval has mastered this. We have created some engaging content and articles on the website so that new visitors come to a website and hang on to the content pieces uploaded on the website. Also with the right, CTA placed on the website Lawyer4help generated high-quality leads for the website.


Lawyer4help was able to gain some unexpected amount of traffic on their website due to the content that was published on the website. They saw a growth of 89% of the website traffic after uploading user-friendly content.

The content helped prospects gain a clear idea about what exactly Lawyer4help was offering to its clients. This also helped them gain some genuine traffic and quality prospects who were actually looking for the services.

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Marketing & Lead Gen. | KeyCMS

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Marketing & Lead Gen. | Key-CMS

Helping Key-CMS generate over 130% more leads for their outsourcing
company at a 43% conversion rate

“We are delighted with these results! Empower went above and beyond to help us create an innovative tool that has brought our campaign to life, while also delivering thousands of concrete leads and extending our reach far beyond our usual audiences. The team proved knowledgeable and responsive throughout the entire process – from the initial creative development stages to organizing a dedicated campaign.”

—Alok Koshti, Founder, Key-CMS

About KeyCMS


Key Carrier Management Service offers a host of such services that enhances your business driving them towards optimum growth and scalability. Backed by 11 years of experience in \outsourcing services, we continue to circle back on our philosophy of providing you – our clients – maximized value. Our diverse portfolio stands testimony to that.


They focus on delivering the best possible experience, they aid your business with outsourcing solutions that include but are not limited to voice as well as non-voice processes, BPO, KPO, Accounting Service, Remote Staffing, Digital Marketing, and more. From optimizing the management to taking over telemarketing on your behalf, they dive deep into your business and catalyze your operations so that you stay ahead of the curve.

The Challenge

Key-CMS was looking for Digital Agency to develop a pipeline for a lead generation campaign for their outsourcing business so that they can reach out to businesses across the globe and help them with their outsourcing services.


Key-CMS wants to have:


  • They want to position themselves as a leading Outsourcing company that provides the best BPO and KPO services to its clients internationally.
  • They want to build a brand image on social media platforms to generate authenticity and trust factor.
  • They want to acquire new leads for the services they are providing to reach out to more clients and expand their business.
  • KPIs focus on generating digital leads and digital engagement (clicks, likes, comments, shares).

The Approach

We started analyzing the business and got to know some insights about Key-CMs. To nail the requirements of the client, we had two of the most important features:


1. Multiple Communication Channels

The company KeyCMS was looking for was strong communication channels for brand building and lead generation, and we had to provide them with exactly what the client was looking for. We decided to take over all the Social Media Handles, Website Development, and SEO Part & Content.


Social Media


We developed Social Media strategies for Key-CMS for the purpose of brand building and reaching out to a massive audience and we have also included some lead generation pipelines through our Social media posts and campaigns.


Website Development


We developed SEO friendly website for Key-CMS to get quality traffic and leads. The website acted as a landing page for Key-CMS to showcase the services they are offering to the clients.



After designing the Website we started with the SEO part for the purpose to get more leads and traffic for the website. The SEO of the website helped to get more visibility on the search engine results for particular keywords and this also helped to get potential prospects to get to know more about business and services offered by Key-CMS.




We have developed different formats of content for Key-Cms in form of Blogs, Articles Case Studies, etc. to generate awareness of the services they are offering and build a brand for Key-CMS so that they
could reach out to more potential prospects and generate quality leads for there business.


2. Customized solutions by Exlval


The next things the client was looking for were analytics and real-time data. With the analytics features, the client had quick and on-hand access to essential insights about social media campaigns and Website traffic. So we gave them access to software that has all-in-one analytics of different platforms so the client could easily track the progress of the lead generation. Moreover, things became even easier for them by having real-time data.


Across the board, our results exceeded expectations. Within the first few months of the release of the website and Social media, the campaign received over 12,000 views on website – of which over 4,000 were through content – generating over 130% leads at an excellent 43% conversion rate.


We also tested a variety of different creatives, providing some insightful data on which campaign-related visual materials most resonated with audiences.

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Online Reputation Management | Alok Koshti

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Alok Koshti

This is how we managed the online reputation of Alok Koshti for his online profiles and managed to present himself as a thought leader and founder.


“I was worried about the online reputation for my profiles on online media platforms and other websites as a founder of multiple firms I had to face both positive and negative critics.


I found Exlval ORM team a perfect solution for my online reputation. They are just incredible at what they are doing and how they helped me to manage my online reputation. I would highly recommend Exlval for Online Reputation Management and other marketing solutions”

—Alok Koshti, Founder, Key-CMS

About Alok koshti

Alok Koshti

Alok Koshti is a founder of Key-CMS and Director at Lawyer4Help. In the year 2010, when I thought of starting to help person; I was struggling with the idea. There were so many ideas in my mind but which way should I go? This was a BIG question back then. 


At that time Alok was working with a law firm that helped me know more about law areas and he saw contradictory effects on people’s health from the products which we use on a daily basis, thus he wanted to work for patients who deserve justice but don’t know how to get it. He wanted to become a source for them.


Thus he started Lawyer4Help in back then 2011 wherein he offered services which helped his clients get compensation and with the help of a right attorney and making filing case procedure easy with fair fees. He helped his clients connect with the right attorney and win compensation for them.

After 9 years he started another firm called Key-CMS where he helped clients with outsourcing services including BPO, KPO, IT, Accounting, Staffing, Digital Marketing, Tax services and he helped his clients grow their business with the services provided.

The Challenge

The challenges faced while managing Alok Koshti’s profile was that we had to position himself as a thought leader and founder and had to remove the negative PR done by his competitors and other clients.


Also, we had to position a brand new image of Alok Koshti on the Internet and other websites.

The Approach

Our PR team has placed a very strong approach while positioning Alok Ji for his reputation in the online media and other PR sites.

We have to connect with different PR websites like,, and other PR sites and published blogs that were about Alok Koshti’s journey and his positive attitude with his leadership skills and thoughts.


The Team also applied the same strategy to Social Media channels where we placed Alok Koshti as an Industry Expert in his field which he is already. 


Other than this we have also published articles and blog posts about his entrepreneurship story and how he started and what are his goals and vision.


We have also removed negative comments and negative posts done by his competitors to pull out his image. This also helped him make a positive Online Reputation.


After successfully managing his profile and managing his online Reputation on the media platforms we were successfully able to present Alok Koshti as a thought leader and a visionary founder in his field.


We have also managed to get the attraction of potential clients and audiences to the Blogs we have published on the PR sites.


The result was that Alok Koshti was able to gain more positive responses from his clients and was also able to generate more credibility and build the Brand image in front of his clients and new prospects. 

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Website Redesign and Development | Opulence Clinic

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Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics, India

Restrutcing Opulence’s website to make it more appealing to the audience and gain more leads and qualified prospects for its services.

“One of the most challenging tasks for us was to showcase our services and testimonials to our patients as we had a very bad experience with the website development until Exlval helped us out to restructure the website according to our needs and create a responsive website which resulted in massive attraction and reaching out to qualified prospects. Exlval excels at the services they offer”.

—Dr. Shaunakk Patel, Owner, Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics

About Opulence


Opulence Dermatology & Aesthetics is a 5-star skin consultation clinic with a complete skin care center where patient education & awareness remain the cornerstone of our treatments.


Opulence offers multiple skin-to-body care surgeries to its clients. This is a one-stop solution from Acne removal, plasma pen non-surgical eye lift to Tattoo Removal surgery. 


They believe to put their patient’s trust highest in their altar. Setting themselves apart from our competition with their Exceptional Service, Personalised Followup & Exclusive incorporation of USFDA-approved laser systems as standard with adoption of Internationally established protocols with a proven track record for success.

The Challenge

One of the key challenges faced by opulence was to restructure its website so that it can showcase its services to its potential prospects and clients in a better way.


The second key challenge for Opulence was to generate leads from the website they are restructuring so that they could gain some high-quality prospects from the website.


The third challenge while developing the website was to present its offerings to clients in a unique way that is more appealing to them.

The Approach

While building a site from scratch does not require the effort we need to put in while restructuring the website. But our team at Exlval was ready to take this challenge and wanted to prove our excellence in our services. What we did was:-

We researched more about what unique we can add to the site while restructuring the site so that it can gain more attraction and users tempt to fill out the form or visit the clinic.


We focused more on the interface of the website. We wanted that people should feel the uniqueness of the website as unique as the services offered by Opulence. So we added plenty of animations that were quite eye-catching and could easily grab the user’s attention. 


Our team was more into applying visual and interactive design to the principle pages of the website. The goal is to create a cohesive and positive user experience.


We applied a different approach to simplifying the user interface so that users who come to the website can have a smooth user experience and can get their work done with a few clicks. 


With the addition of animation, it became easy to add CTA and showcase the services without directly appealing to the audience.


Restructuring the opulence website benefited the client in both terms. They gained more traffic on the website as it was more lightweight and well SEO-optimized due to which it ranked higher as compared to the competitor’s website.


They surged 120% more leads after restructuring the website due to an increment in the traffic and quality prospects landing on their website.


The CTA’s and Animations changed the website game totally and improved conversion rates of the website.

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