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Helping Key-CMS generate over 130% more leads for their outsourcing
company at a 43% conversion rate

“We are delighted with these results! Empower went above and beyond to help us create an innovative tool that has brought our campaign to life, while also delivering thousands of concrete leads and extending our reach far beyond our usual audiences. The team proved knowledgeable and responsive throughout the entire process – from the initial creative development stages to organizing a dedicated campaign.”

—Alok Koshti, Founder, Key-CMS

About KeyCMS


Key Carrier Management Service offers a host of such services that enhances your business driving them towards optimum growth and scalability. Backed by 11 years of experience in \outsourcing services, we continue to circle back on our philosophy of providing you – our clients – maximized value. Our diverse portfolio stands testimony to that.


They focus on delivering the best possible experience, they aid your business with outsourcing solutions that include but are not limited to voice as well as non-voice processes, BPO, KPO, Accounting Service, Remote Staffing, Digital Marketing, and more. From optimizing the management to taking over telemarketing on your behalf, they dive deep into your business and catalyze your operations so that you stay ahead of the curve.

The Challenge

Key-CMS was looking for Digital Agency to develop a pipeline for a lead generation campaign for their outsourcing business so that they can reach out to businesses across the globe and help them with their outsourcing services.


Key-CMS wants to have:


  • They want to position themselves as a leading Outsourcing company that provides the best BPO and KPO services to its clients internationally.
  • They want to build a brand image on social media platforms to generate authenticity and trust factor.
  • They want to acquire new leads for the services they are providing to reach out to more clients and expand their business.
  • KPIs focus on generating digital leads and digital engagement (clicks, likes, comments, shares).

The Approach

We started analyzing the business and got to know some insights about Key-CMs. To nail the requirements of the client, we had two of the most important features:


1. Multiple Communication Channels

The company KeyCMS was looking for was strong communication channels for brand building and lead generation, and we had to provide them with exactly what the client was looking for. We decided to take over all the Social Media Handles, Website Development, and SEO Part & Content.


Social Media


We developed Social Media strategies for Key-CMS for the purpose of brand building and reaching out to a massive audience and we have also included some lead generation pipelines through our Social media posts and campaigns.


Website Development


We developed SEO friendly website for Key-CMS to get quality traffic and leads. The website acted as a landing page for Key-CMS to showcase the services they are offering to the clients.



After designing the Website we started with the SEO part for the purpose to get more leads and traffic for the website. The SEO of the website helped to get more visibility on the search engine results for particular keywords and this also helped to get potential prospects to get to know more about business and services offered by Key-CMS.




We have developed different formats of content for Key-Cms in form of Blogs, Articles Case Studies, etc. to generate awareness of the services they are offering and build a brand for Key-CMS so that they
could reach out to more potential prospects and generate quality leads for there business.


2. Customized solutions by Exlval


The next things the client was looking for were analytics and real-time data. With the analytics features, the client had quick and on-hand access to essential insights about social media campaigns and Website traffic. So we gave them access to software that has all-in-one analytics of different platforms so the client could easily track the progress of the lead generation. Moreover, things became even easier for them by having real-time data.


Across the board, our results exceeded expectations. Within the first few months of the release of the website and Social media, the campaign received over 12,000 views on website – of which over 4,000 were through content – generating over 130% leads at an excellent 43% conversion rate.


We also tested a variety of different creatives, providing some insightful data on which campaign-related visual materials most resonated with audiences.

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