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Paid Ads

We reach your “ready to buy” buyers to convert them into your paying leads or customers with our paid ads service and brew an audience with our technical sorcery that pays you. 

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When it comes to faster results and better ROI, paid ads service works like an Elixir. Paid Ads can be called PPC (Pay Per Click).

Why are you looking for paid ads?

  • Do you want to scale your business at a pace?
  • Have you tried another agency’s Paid Ads service and didn’t get results?
  • Cost to acquire a customer (CAC) is higher than expected?
  • Looking to hit your sales target?
  • Your ads are not reaching your relevant audience and not converting?
  • Looking for paid ads + SEO for aggressive growth?

So don’t worry when Exlval, your best Paid Ads Company in India is with you.

We know how Paid Ads work and how to bring cost-effective leads and sales with tricks that increase your reach.

Relevant reach + Better conversion + Cost-effectiveness = ROI-driven results.

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Other Paid Ads Services

PPC Management

Be it Google or Facebook or other PPC campaign, if optimized properly, it gives you cost-effective results and add a powder of our magic for smooth management.

Local Search Ads

When your local customer searches for your product or service, we make sure you are visible to them with local search ads. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

SEM Campaign Management

Running ads on search engines needs care and we are its management solution that reaches your target audience to convert them into your paying customers. Our special management ingredients will drive them crazy!

Social Media Ad

A crazy social media platform is worth capturing your audience to make your raving fans into your paying customer. These ads always work like a charm.


Fast & Cost-Effective Results

Relevant Reach

Audience Building

Steps to get ROI-driven Results

Step 1.

Our Paid Ads expert will understand your objective, target audience, and what result(s) you want from the Paid Ads. And that’s how we start brewing.


Get a FREE SEO Audit here which shows how well your website performs because once the audience lands on your web page, you can’t afford to lose them (for example – slow loading speed). We’ll provide you with a content and marketing message audit to get you better results.

Step 2.

Depending on the objective, we’ll give you the proposal that will be effective to get you results which takes us to the next step.

Step 4.

We submit a report that will show you the results based on your objective. Based on the report, we’ll improve your result which will be cost-effective and can hit a better ROI.

Step 3.

Once we start the Paid Ads project, we identify the keywords and important metrics that can drive the result for you by reaching your target audience. We make a funnel and try different campaigns to improve it over time.

Key features

Paid Ads Expertise

Measuring Results


Content Marketing Work


Content work

Learn how we got visibility and ranking of a law firm and how we increased their website traffic by 105% in 8 months.

Content work

Learn how we got visibility and ranking of a law firm and how we increased their website traffic by 105% in 8 months.

Content work

Learn how we got visibility and ranking of a law firm and how we increased their website traffic by 105% in 8 months.

Carolina Monntoya


“ I got the best brand value of my firm along with cooperative team members who did their best to pull me off from every odds scenarios. Provides best services in a cost effective manner. ”

Drive sustainable growth with us


Yes, Paid Ads give you faster and instant results with increasing website traffic. PLUS, it gives you insights like which campaign worked and whatnot, what your target audience is looking for and so.

It totally depends on your objective. This is the perfect answer.

 If you’re doing it for the 1st time – We’ll identify the best platform for you where your target audience is most active and depending on your objective, we’ll decide on which platform to run paid ads.

If you’re doing it for the 2nd time – We’ll identify the keywords and the reason behind the previous failures or any improvement scope. With that, we’ll decide on the paid ads platform.

97% of visitors will never return if they leave your website and thus you need retargeting. Not only that, retargeting ads increase brand awareness and revenue by increasing the conversion rate.

We know that no ad campaign can work from the beginning and also it’s important to understand what our audience looks for. And that’s where A/B testing comes into play.

A/B testing means testing two or more ad campaigns to check which ad works better. A/B testing can be for Ad creative, Ad copy, targeting audience and so. This gives us a better insight into our audience and ad campaigns for better results.

DATA. Paid ads give data that can be useful in making impactful SEO strategies.

For aggressive growth, it works together better. Paid Ads boost traffic instantly and get you results with the right strategy. And, SEO builds an audience over time which gives you leads while you sleep.

When both work together, the result can be astonishing. With the help of paid ads, it’s easy to get the best keywords to work with SEO strategy. Our Paid Ads service in Ahmedabad with expertise in SEO can help you grow faster and better.

Advertising is all about experimenting and thus running multiple campaigns can give a broader picture of how the audience is reacting and making decisions.

With this, we can make better campaigns.

Paid Ads need constant optimization for cost-effective results. And because the Paid Ad agency has expertise (that’s rare), they understand how to bring more leads that become your paying customers. Also, it saves you time so that you can focus on your important work.