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Why Google Penalty Recovery is essential for your business?

Google Penalty Recovery is the best way to re-generate traffic and authenticity to your audience.

Did you feel the sudden drop in your Website Ranking? It may be possible due to Penalty against your domain or Google Penalty.

A wide range of factors can drop website ranking, but Google Penalties is the first term we look for when facing any ranking problem. Links to a low-quality site, keyword-stuffing can knock you out from Google or SERPs.

Wondering about Google Penalty Recovery or whether it is possible? Exlval will make it all strategically happen for you.

We provide the best Google Penalty Removal Services that keep you worry-free, and that will give your brand a significant online boost.

Backlinks are the main term or it plays important role in drop of any website. It’s not about only backlinks, but duplicate content and metadata should be unique on every page.

But what are the advantages of Google Penalty Recovery? When Google Penalty is recovered, your website rankings and traffic will improve. As we know, Ranking and traffic will go hand in hand.

Exlval offers penalty evaluation services to identify factors that are the reason for page-specific penalties on your site and recovery services to help your site get back on track with Traffic and Ranking.

Now that you have an idea about penalties and how recovery can help to rank a website

Time to know HOW exactly we can help you with that?



Our Recovery Services begin with the rank check of website like at what position the Website is ranking and then we analyze the website against competitors for the relevant search terms. In our recovery services will also check Is the site is affected by this Penalty or not.


We use different tools like Copyscape, Plagiarism checker on the Website to check duplicate content or thin content. Along with this, we also check does the Website have an overlapping or redundant article on a similar topic with slight keyword variation.


We optimize all the pages to remove duplicate content or low content quality and block spiders from crawling pages, which can’t be optimized. Also, if there is any thin content or overlapping content, we optimize it to improve the drop of your Website.


Exlval knows that what is suitable for the Website or re-indexing of Website. We implement some corrective measures to re-index your Website and also make sure that all pages must be indexed appropriately with a sitemap.



Google Penguin Algorithm will penalize the Website if it contains poor quality backlinks. We perform an in-depth analysis of websites and backlinks by manual and automated efforts. We analyze the link schemes and Keyword Stuffing. Our primary focus is to remove unnatural links from the Website.


We make use of Google’s disallow services as a part of recovery services. By this process, we take a step towards the recovery of the Google Penguin penalty.  After disallowing services, we make use of Google’s Re-inclusion Services as a part of recovery services.


Exlval focuses on the removal of all the unnatural links, which might cause the Penalty. We work on the Keyword stuffing and Link Scheme in which we remove unnatural links by backlink audit or disavowing the link that means we tell Google to ignore the links when considering the site for ranking in search engine.


Exlval goes the extra mile to update the Website with quality pages and then earn authoritative backlinks. Eliminating Keyword Stuffing is the final Step in the direction of Google Penguin Recovery and indexing of the Website. 

What we Serve

1. Panda Penalty Recovery:-

Google doesn’t allow low-quality or Duplicate content on any site. Panda Penalty is applied filter on On-Site Factors like Website Content.

“Exlval remains up to date with the latest Google Algorithms and take the appropriate action if your website is affected by Panda Penalty.”

2. Penguin Penalty Recovery:-

Penguin Penalty doesn’t allow spammy links and drops website ranking. This algorithm will penalize your Website if it has low-quality backlinks.

“Exlval will help you to bounce back and get to your Website rank back. We work on Penalty Recovery so that your Website is up to Google Standards.”

3. Manual Penalty Recovery:-

Manual penalties don’t allow unnatural outbound and inbound links. Google penalizes your Website after seeing website deceptive link practices.

“Exlval help you to get out of the penalty box and ensure an in-depth analysis of inbound and outbound link before initiating corrective measure.”

4. Algorithmic Penalty Recovery:-

Algorithmic Penalty and Manual Penalty can be combined.  When your first-page ranking suddenly disappears, then it is due to this Penalty.

“Exlval create a Google Penalty Recovery Plan to recover your website from the Algorithmic penalty and can get you right back in business.”

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Our clients


Hello, I’m Alhassan Ahmed (Ghana, Africa) and I was looking for a mentor and a coach in Digital Marketing to help me with a way forward word of advice and where I can get my knowledge from.
It was a bit difficult to get the kind of person I needed as a mentor and a coach, because any other person that I inbox didn’t mind perhaps they’re all super busy.

Well, one day I saw a post in HubSpot Academy Group on Facebook and it was posted by Lakshman an experienced Digital Marketer. I decided to inbox him.

So he was just so kind and really replied my message, even though I was a bit nervous on how to tell him my intentions, how he regarded me makes everything cool for me. So I could express myself really much , he was very kind and friendly he’s super real.

We Well every newbie, a dreamer and a Digital Marketing lover like me, who wants to succeed in that. I can only recommend Lakshman to him, he’s super cool and friendly and he has really helped me come this far. And if there’s one thing I can learn from him is; ‘never ever give up on your goals, never judge yourself and show gratitude with time you’ll attain all your goals’.

That was a wonderful experience with Lakshman

Alhassan Ahmed

Ghana (Africa) | Student

The consulting was too good with proper guidelines and on how to improve our work. They shared us all that they learned and experienced by going into minor details.

Everything is understood on how to work to make the big brand, and do such work for the same. “LONG TERM BUSINESS” explained to us in a lot that what to do, do how to think for growth of our company for a long term run so that we can take best leverage benefit.

Prabha & Jinesh

Founder | J3 Art Design

Wait. OK Yes, I bumped into right people having great work ethics and values when it Comes to Social Media Marketing. Consider an ocean (media market) full of fishes (digital marketers) and Exlval is the Pearl in the Ocean. Strategically Brilliant, which helped us to grow and have organic engagement on our media platforms. Thanks a ton, Exlvalians – Lakshman, Roshan, and Other Team Mates. Keep Rocking Jai Mata di. Lets Rock !!

Hitesh Kumar

Managing Director - GIBG

Thank you!! Exlval for your dedicated service towards ALKSUN Medical Clinic. I must say that this was my first venture and had lots of anxiety but your team made things a lot easier. Much appreciate your quick service and naive ideas.
Keep going!!!

Dr. Alka Sori

ALKSUN Medical Clinic

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