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This 50-30-20 rule generated whopping 10000+ impressions on my profile I was shocked by the results Exlval has brought up to my profile. I always wanted to build a personal brand on Linkedin

This 50-30-20 rule generated whopping 10000+ impressions on Alok Koshti LinkedIn Profile within a week of Account Optimization and Personal Branding.

“I was shocked with the results Exlval has brought up to my profile. I always wanted to build a personal brand on Linkedin and that is where Exlval tapped and helped me out. They are just amazing with branding solutions and lead generation”

—Alok Koshiti, Founder KeyCMS.

About Alok Koshti

Alok Koshti

Alok Koshti is the founder and director of Key-CMS and lawyer4help. In the year 2010, when he thought of starting that help person; he was struggling with the idea. There were so many ideas going on. At that time he was working with a law firm that helped him know more about law areas and he saw contradictory effects on people’s health from the products which we use on daily basis, thus he wanted to work for patients who deserve justice but don’t know how to get it.


He wanted to become a source for them. He chose to provide these services in the USA and started LAWYER4HELP in the year 2011. He helped clients by connecting them to the right lawyer and getting compensation on their behalf. 


Then he started Key-CMS which helps you to connect with various service providers at the same place nonetheless of totally different services. In the next 2 years, he expanded it to 7 services Including BPO, KPO, IT, Accounting, Staffing, Digital Marketing, Tax services, and other business operations.

The Challenge

Alok Koshti wanted to build his personal brand and showcase the services he was provided with the help of Linkedin through which he could reach out to qualified prospects and generate high-quality leads for his business.


The other challenge was the profile optimization part for his Linkedin where he was lagging as his profile was not appealing and attracting more audience.

The Approach

We at Exlval focus on the basics of marketing first and then take that to an advanced level. The same we did with Alok Koshti profile, We focus mainly on the core part of the LinkedIn Optimization which was divided into 3 parts: –

1. Profile Optimization: –


One of the core things which is necessary to attract viewers and potential prospects are the profile itself. Alok Koshti profile was not much appealing and well optimized so we made a checklist and optimized the things like Headlines, Profile Picture, About Sections, Feature posts, and some secret corners of the profile to make it appealing.


2. Content Creation:-


The second part was mainly to create content that would add value and sell the services Alok Koshti was offering. Rather than focusing on Viral content we simply followed our secret Rule of 50-30-20 and generated a whopping 10000+ impressions on the profile in the first week.


3. Searchable:-


We have added quality keywords on the profile and about section to make it more searchable and rank higher on LinkedIn. Alok Koshti profile was ranked No.1 on LinkedIn on some particular keywords which gained more attraction to his profile.


The content part on Alok Koshti played well and resulted in a tremendous amount of attraction on the profile.


With the different formats of content and the value provided by the content, there was an increase in the number of leads produced with the profile.


After LinkedIn Lead generation Alok Koshti saw 70% more growth in his business as compared to the leads he was generating through the website and other media channels.

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