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Online Reputation Management | Alok Koshti - Exlval Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad

Exlval Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad

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Alok Koshti

This is how we managed the online reputation of Alok Koshti for his online profiles and managed to present himself as a thought leader and founder.


“I was worried about the online reputation for my profiles on online media platforms and other websites as a founder of multiple firms I had to face both positive and negative critics.


I found Exlval ORM team a perfect solution for my online reputation. They are just incredible at what they are doing and how they helped me to manage my online reputation. I would highly recommend Exlval for Online Reputation Management and other marketing solutions”

—Alok Koshti, Founder, Key-CMS

About Alok koshti

Alok Koshti

Alok Koshti is a founder of Key-CMS and Director at Lawyer4Help. In the year 2010, when I thought of starting to help person; I was struggling with the idea. There were so many ideas in my mind but which way should I go? This was a BIG question back then. 


At that time Alok was working with a law firm that helped me know more about law areas and he saw contradictory effects on people’s health from the products which we use on a daily basis, thus he wanted to work for patients who deserve justice but don’t know how to get it. He wanted to become a source for them.


Thus he started Lawyer4Help in back then 2011 wherein he offered services which helped his clients get compensation and with the help of a right attorney and making filing case procedure easy with fair fees. He helped his clients connect with the right attorney and win compensation for them.

After 9 years he started another firm called Key-CMS where he helped clients with outsourcing services including BPO, KPO, IT, Accounting, Staffing, Digital Marketing, Tax services and he helped his clients grow their business with the services provided.

The Challenge

The challenges faced while managing Alok Koshti’s profile was that we had to position himself as a thought leader and founder and had to remove the negative PR done by his competitors and other clients.


Also, we had to position a brand new image of Alok Koshti on the Internet and other websites.

The Approach

Our PR team has placed a very strong approach while positioning Alok Ji for his reputation in the online media and other PR sites.

We have to connect with different PR websites like,, and other PR sites and published blogs that were about Alok Koshti’s journey and his positive attitude with his leadership skills and thoughts.


The Team also applied the same strategy to Social Media channels where we placed Alok Koshti as an Industry Expert in his field which he is already. 


Other than this we have also published articles and blog posts about his entrepreneurship story and how he started and what are his goals and vision.


We have also removed negative comments and negative posts done by his competitors to pull out his image. This also helped him make a positive Online Reputation.


After successfully managing his profile and managing his online Reputation on the media platforms we were successfully able to present Alok Koshti as a thought leader and a visionary founder in his field.


We have also managed to get the attraction of potential clients and audiences to the Blogs we have published on the PR sites.


The result was that Alok Koshti was able to gain more positive responses from his clients and was also able to generate more credibility and build the Brand image in front of his clients and new prospects. 

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