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Why SEO? How does SEO help your Business to become BIG in the Market?

SEO is strategic though one of the BEST ways to get ORGANIC results.  

Are you asking WHY & HOW?

It’s because of the SEO Service you will get…

more Organic Traffic >> more Leads >> more Sales >> more Revenue >>  more Business.

ALL ORGANIC. (Organic is Best in FOODS and for your BUSINESS WEBSITE)

SEO starts developing your Business with its long term effect and it is for long term effects.

Exlval understands your Co.s value and your relevant customers and so we give SEO services strategically that you start getting your SEO results with our SEO Services.

Want to know how we can help you EXACTLY?

Now that you know why SEO for your Business,

TIME to know HOW exactly we can help you with that?

1st:- Analysis of Website and Requirement

Before anything else, analysis is necessary to know what next important strategy is required for the website to rank on the search result.

2nd:- Keyword Research and Analysis

Now that we know the requirement and website analysis, this step tells about the keyword research that which keyword is the best to play with forgetting rank on.

3rd:- Content Creation

We create content that is user friendly which can interact with the targeted audience by making whole unique content or updating the old content to rank well higher on search results.

4th:- Website Optimization

This stage where we optimize the website which is essential to rank well like website loading speed by optimizing images, content, and the main structure.

5th Step:- Social Media Optimization

We take social media seriously here because we understand how to bring more traffic to your website/landing page which needs optimized social media platforms which we love to do.

6th Step:- Reporting

Monthly reporting is the main thing we do for your clients as it gives a clear picture of the happenings in the website and its progress for getting organic results.

What we Serve

1. Research and Analysis:-

Website Analysis can lead to the proper SEO Strategy along with competitors’ research and website audits.

“Exlval takes care of the research part of your competition to keep you fresh and better with thorough analysis”

2. On-Site SEO
(On Page):-

Optimizing each web page to rank on search engines brings faster organic leads to your website.

“Exlval scans each and every web page minutely to make the On-Page SEO successful.”

3. Technical SEO:-

Technically wrong could not crawl or index the website properly, resulting in your content or anything that you did will have no benefit.

“Exlval is strong enough in technical terms for your website to take care of.”

4. Off-Site (Off Page):-

If the website is optimized other than On-Page which Google takes many factors into consideration to rank higher in SERP.

“Exlval takes 200 ranking factors to make sure that the website gets optimized all the time.”

5. Quality Link Building:-

Low-quality links on the website, won’t get your potential traffic and if someone else’s has, it will steal far better than you.

“Exlval makes sure to earn links for your website so that you get enough traffic, leads, sales, and revenue.”

6. Analyzing and Reports:-

Reports play an important role in knowing what’s happening on the website with the results so that next time to get better results.

“Exlval gives monthly reports for your website with overall analysis to be with accuracy in the long run.”

Company Strengths at a Glance

Our Strong points


Our clients


Hello, I’m Alhassan Ahmed (Ghana, Africa) and I was looking for a mentor and a coach in Digital Marketing to help me with a way forward word of advice and where I can get my knowledge from.
It was a bit difficult to get the kind of person I needed as a mentor and a coach, because any other person that I inbox didn’t mind perhaps they’re all super busy.

Well, one day I saw a post in HubSpot Academy Group on Facebook and it was posted by Lakshman an experienced Digital Marketer. I decided to inbox him.

So he was just so kind and really replied my message, even though I was a bit nervous on how to tell him my intentions, how he regarded me makes everything cool for me. So I could express myself really much , he was very kind and friendly he’s super real.

We Well every newbie, a dreamer and a Digital Marketing lover like me, who wants to succeed in that. I can only recommend Lakshman to him, he’s super cool and friendly and he has really helped me come this far. And if there’s one thing I can learn from him is; ‘never ever give up on your goals, never judge yourself and show gratitude with time you’ll attain all your goals’.

That was a wonderful experience with Lakshman

Alhassan Ahmed

Ghana (Africa) | Student

The consulting was too good with proper guidelines and on how to improve our work. They shared us all that they learned and experienced by going into minor details.

Everything is understood on how to work to make the big brand, and do such work for the same. “LONG TERM BUSINESS” explained to us in a lot that what to do, do how to think for growth of our company for a long term run so that we can take best leverage benefit.

Prabha & Jinesh

Founder | J3 Art Design

Wait. OK Yes, I bumped into right people having great work ethics and values when it Comes to Social Media Marketing. Consider an ocean (media market) full of fishes (digital marketers) and Exlval is the Pearl in the Ocean. Strategically Brilliant, which helped us to grow and have organic engagement on our media platforms. Thanks a ton, Exlvalians – Lakshman, Roshan, and Other Team Mates. Keep Rocking Jai Mata di. Lets Rock !!

Hitesh Kumar

Managing Director - GIBG

Thank you!! Exlval for your dedicated service towards ALKSUN Medical Clinic. I must say that this was my first venture and had lots of anxiety but your team made things a lot easier. Much appreciate your quick service and naive ideas.
Keep going!!!

Dr. Alka Sori

ALKSUN Medical Clinic

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