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This is how the Social Media Brand Building and content creation for Key-CMS high-quality prospects and Brand Recall for existing clients.

“We wanted to leverage the power of Social Media and build a brand around it. But one of the challenging tasks for us was to create a content strategy that can help us create a Brand Image and gain organic reach. This is where the Marketing experts of Exlval tapped in. The Marketing experts are amazing with content strategy and Brand Building. Thanks to Exlval for providing amazing Branding Solutions for Key-CMS”.


—Alok Koshiti, Founder KeyCMS.

About KeyCMS


Key-CMS is USA’s leading outsourcing company which has expanded its business operations to India helps its clients to stimulate business experience with hassle-free services that are integral to any business.


Key-CMS takes care of your recruitment staffing,customer support, knowledge processing, or even accounting services while you get to redirect your focus on the bigger picture and expand your business. 


They are KPO, BPO, IT, Digital Marketing, and more – all rolled into one. They have 11+ years of expertise here to make your business operation run smoothly.

The Challenge

Key-CMS was facing an issue to position itself as a brand in its Business and get its prospect know about the services they were offering. 


They were also looking for a team who can create content for their social media channels and Brand themselves as a leading Outsourcing company.


They were also looking for Organic reach and quality leads through Social Media Channels.

The Approach

The Marketing Team of Exlval helped Key-CMS tackle its challenges by applying a unique and new approach for its brand positioning.


The Team focused mainly on the fundamentals of Social Media to build a brand as it wanted to target an audience that was hyper-niched and also wanted the existing clients to have a brand recall.


Here is what we did:-


1. Different Content for Different Social Media Channels


While building a brand on social media you need to create unique content for every social media channel.


Repurposing content can help you to build a brand to an extent. We solely focused on creating unique content according to different social media platforms.

2. We focused mainly on 3 social media platforms


There are tons of social media platforms where content can be created and distributed but finding which social media platform has the audience you require is a challenging task in itself.


We focused mainly on 3 social media platforms that are Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin for content creation of Key-CMS and the reason behind this was the variety of Audience they have on these media platforms.




This platform is more of a young generation focused Platform where in people from age group of 16 to 35 hangout. So we focused on creating video content. Our main target was to grab the attention of the audience more through the reels and informative and educational carousels. We wanted to build a brand more with the help of Video Content.




The audience here is a mixed audience of Younger and older generation. While creating content strategy for Key-CMS we juggled with the content and created a mix content type for both the audiences. With Facebook Key-CMS has generated authenticity for its business.




This platform was a perfect fit to generate quality leads with content as LinkedIn is known for the professional people. We created a brand image that was appealing to the professionals on LinkedIn and generated high quality leads inbound leads for Key-CMS with LinkedIn Content Marketing. LinkedIn also helped create a Brand Recall for the existing clients of Key-CMS.


Within 3 months of content creation and brand positioning Key-CMS saw a hike of 530% in the organic reach and traffic on different social media platforms. With the marketing strategy, plans and content calendar we created for Key-CMS helped them create a brand around their business.


Key-CMS has generated quality leads and high-quality organic traffic to their social media channels which increased their business revenue and also created a long-term brand image for their outsourcing business.

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