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Social Media Management | Krishna Flute

The hidden RVS content strategy of  Social Media helped Krishna Flute gain a quality audience and engagement on the content.

“While starting out the social media project with Exlval my online presence was completely dead and there was no online presence of Krishna Flute online. Exlval took the challenge and built the online presence from scratch and took the personal brand and Social Media presence of Krishna Flute to the next level with hundreds of thousands of active audiences on every channel and high-quality engagement as well. I am glad to on-board the Social Media Marketing team of Exlval for building Krishna flute as a brand”.

—Rahul Krishnan, Founder, Krishna Flute.

About Krishna Flute

Krishna Flute

Krishna Flute is a platform where you can learn more about Flute and other musical Instruments. They provide online lectures to students who want to explore the unique world of music.


A Music Producer by Profession and a Multi-Instrumentalist, Rahul got introduced to Music at a tender age of 11. 


Rahul Says:- 


“Music has been my best companion through thick and thin, since childhood. Whether you are happy or sad, Music can be your go-to solution. I want more people to understand and feel Music and get introduced to a whole new aspect of life.”


Rahul’s Music has been appreciated by many of the biggest celebrities like Siddharth Malhotra, Madhavan, Dia Mirza, Darshan Raval, Pritam, Bhuvan Bam, Nucleya, Ritviz, Vishal Mishra, Antara Mitra, Jassie Gill, Rochak Kohli, Sai Dharam Tej, Amaal Malik, Mithoon, Javed Ali, Rashmeet Kaur, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Kangana Ranaut and many more. International singer Anne Marie cited her love for one of the covers that Rahul posted of her song. A self-taught Flute player, Rahul says.


He had to spend a lot of time doing trials and errors and finding the best way to play Flute and produce the proper sound. 


With Krishna flute, he wants to make sure that his students don’t make the same mistakes that he made so they can learn fast and save a lot of their time.”

The Challenge

One of the key challenge faced while starting the social media project of Krishna Flute was that we need to start this from scratch. There was no online presence of Krishna Flute and we needed to start everything from scratch.


The second key challenge faced by Krishna Flute was the audience they were targeting. They were very much specified about the audience they wanted to target. They wanted to target narrow-minded people who were deeply interested to know more about Music and Musical Instruments.

The Approach

Our social media team was ready to take this challenge of starting the project from scratch but they had a wide variety of content to offer to the audience. So they followed a simple strategy to build content strategy for Krishna Flute which resulted in massive growth of their followers and engagement.


We followed an approach called RVS which helped the social media channel of Krishna Flute by 5x.

What is RVS Hidden Content Strategy?


R:- Research 

V:- Viral Content 

S:- Short Videos 


Research:- One of the key strategies while starting out any project is the research part done by the team. We did the research part and competitive analysis where we studied the strategies followed by the competitors and how they were putting the content on the social media channels. Our team also researched the target audience where they got to know about the people they wanted to target.


Viral Content:- As the social media channels were new and we had to start out everything from scratch so we needed a different approach to gain the attraction from the audience so we started with viral content. We hunted viral content in the music industry and built a content strategy around the viral content to gain attraction and engagement for social media channels.

Short Videos:- As the niche in which we had to create content was more of oriented to video rather than normal post content so we started focusing on short videos which attracted music lovers and other people who were more often music enthusiasts and wanted to learn about music. The social media channels of Krishna flute skyrocketed with this strategy as people love to watch short video content.


After following the RVS content strategy for Krishna flute for about continuous 2 months we have seen a massive growth of around 5 lakh+ organic views on the social media content from different channels which also resulted in real-time engagement on the content.


Also the social media content was posted by big celebrities like Akshay Kumar, Dia Mirza, Darshan Raval, Pritam, Bhuvan Bam, Nucleya, Ritviz, Vishal Mishra, Antara Mitra, Jassie Gill, Rochak Kohli, and many more celebrities which resulted in the amazing attraction of new audiences on the social media channels of Krishna Flute.

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