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Social Media Management | Kshitij Vivan - Exlval Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad

Exlval Digital Marketing Company in Ahmedabad

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Social Media Management | Kshitij Vivan Institute

The one viral post that has gained around 30% more followers in a single day on the Social Media Account of Kshitij Vivan.

“ We are an animation designing institute providing our client’s solutions related to graphics and Animation but we wanted to build our presence on the social media platforms and present Kshitij Vivan as a Brand but we couldn’t find the right resources. That’s where Exlval tapped in and helped us build our social media presence and Brand Kshitij Vivan as the best Animation Institute in Ahemdabad. They are just excellent at what they are doing and they are a one-stop solution to all your marketing needs. I would highly recommend them for the services they are offering”.

—Kshitij Vivan, Director.

About Kshitij Vivan Institute

Kshitij Vivan was founded in the year 2009 with the objective and focus of adding value to our stakeholders who largely comprise young and enterprising students as well as the semi-organized sector of the industry searching for some technological support in this very dynamic world dominated by something new every day. 


Mr. Ashish Goel has a rich experience of Marketing and Sales and has work experience of more than 11 years, he has worked at Senior positions in companies like Grasim, Reliance Industries, ICICI Bank ….. etc. In the Initial years, the firm was established with the franchise of Maac (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic) , a brand of Aptech, which has more than 15 brands like Arena Animation, Aptech Computer Education, Lakme Academy ……………..etc. 


Kshitij Vivan Education was having a franchise in Ahmedabad known as Maac Ahmedabad Satellite Road (till 2018) and presently the firm is having a franchise of Maya Academy of Advance Cinematic at Ahmedabad CG Road. Since 2018 Kshitij Vivan has established an education institute under its own brand with the name of Kshitij Vivan Education.

The Challenge

One of the key challenges faced while starting out the project was that we had to start everything from scratch. They were not having profiles on the social media channels so our team had to start out everything from zero.


Another challenge was to showcase the services they were offering to the audience with the help of Social Media.

The Approach

The Marketing Team of Exlval helped Kshitij Vivan tackle its challenges by applying an advanced approach for its brand positioning on Social Media Platforms.


They used the approach called “Virality” while building the content strategy for Kshitij Vivan. 


The Social Media team used a 3 step formula to make viral content:-

1. Research:-


While making content strategy for Kshitij Vivan they started to do in-depth research about the competitors, trends, and other things so that they can find out the most amazing and creative ideas to put on Social Media Channels. They analysed the competitors in-depth and the content strategy they were planning. Also while researching the content ideas they had to gain knowledge about the industry so they can put on the best content on the media channels.


2. Viral Content:-


Now the research part is completed but we need to hook the eyes of the audience and gain attraction and engagement of the audience so the team has started looking for viral content and what kind of content can be put into the social media channel so that it can go viral. They just started searching for the trending topics and viral content which was already going viral on the social media platforms and started creating content strategies around it.


3. Experiment:- 


This was the final stage while creating content for the social media channels as this was the most crucial part of the content strategy. We had to experiment with the content we were putting on the channels as every social media post cannot hook the eyes of the audience and cannot gain the attraction of the audience so we had to keep churning new strategies and viral content types to gain more engagement and attention of the audience.


We also created content to showcase the services they were offering but the ratio was quite less as compared to other content types as we need to gain the audience at the initial level and then expect to sell something to the audience.


The results which we provided were quite amazing as Kshitij Vivan was able to position itself as the Best Animation Institute in Ahmedabad and attract new leads and prospects through social media accounts.


The page has been gaining more engagement on the short videos we were putting in the form of Instagram reels which has resulted in an increase in followers.


One of the posts has gone viral and has generated 350% more engagement resulting in an increase in 30% of the total followers of Kshitij Vivan Instagram Account.


They were also able to showcase the services they were offering to the prospects and generate quality leads. 

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