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Looking for Social Media Presence for Brand building and for more leads & sales? Or You want your money to not get wasted more for social media marketing? 

Social media marketing services from exlval can do it for you. From brand building to website traffic which is possible with the right paid ads on social media and regular impactful optimization of social media pages. Direct relation to giving you more business. 

We all know, Social Media is “The King of Engagement and Sharing the Content”. People find you there. Super easily but with the right social media marketing on a regular basis. 

But that’s a challenge to get noticed by your right audience because of Competition already. The wrong strategy, More money Wastage, and the shattered advertising budget ultimately.             

You just need to be better inputting the content right in front of your relevant audience. Early, Engaging, and Nurturing them as people spend their most time on Social Media Platforms be it Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms.

Facebook with 2.6 billion+, Instagram with 1 billion+ and Linkedin with over 600 million users and remaining platforms making OVER 3.80 Billion users.  

exlval helps you with that for your business because we touch your relevant audience out of those giant numbers through our Social Media Marketing Services.

This is how we HELP your Business!!!

Our approach for your Goals in Social Media Marketing


With jot down the goals to analyze your pain point, exlval develop a social media marketing strategy with its related research and start working on it with a social media marketing expert.


exlval knows that pre-planning saves a lot of time and energy so that we can insert our focus on paid advertising and other social media stuffs to boost your presence and towards meeting your goals. That’s why we make social media calendars and content in advance. Look over it before we start. Simple.


After research, strategy begins for your business for social media presence with all cost-effective processes. Paid ads and organic strategy to optimize for growth are just equally important, we make it possible through our social media marketing service.


We take this as brushing our teeth because our social media expert knows it’s important for a constant update which is only possible with regular optimization. We do optimize social media pages ( the Hashtags, replies, and more) and paid ads with the perfect profile management. With that, a daily report to you so that you can monitor your work.

What we Serve


No branding, more money going out of your pocket, a pure struggle that almost every business struggles with. 

Exlval takes Branding seriously with regular engagement with your audience.

Relationship Formation

The era of influencer marketing and the relationship over different social media platforms must be effective.

Exlval makes sure to make strong relationships with different influencers by making strong relation formation.

Paid Ads Campaigns

Ads without understanding the Audience/ poor creative/Ad Copy struggles the most with the expensive ads.

Exlval understands the audience by making high converting ad copy and creative.

Leads & Sales with Traffic

Leads and Sales can be expensive if just running paid ads and not getting organic leads for your business.

Exlval brings hyper engagement which brings traffic to the landing page/Website which ultimately gives leads and then sales.

Company Strengths at a Glance

Our Strong points


Our clients


Hello, I’m Alhassan Ahmed (Ghana, Africa) and I was looking for a mentor and a coach in Digital Marketing to help me with a way forward word of advice and where I can get my knowledge from.
It was a bit difficult to get the kind of person I needed as a mentor and a coach, because any other person that I inbox didn’t mind perhaps they’re all super busy.

Well, one day I saw a post in HubSpot Academy Group on Facebook and it was posted by Lakshman an experienced Digital Marketer. I decided to inbox him.

So he was just so kind and really replied my message, even though I was a bit nervous on how to tell him my intentions, how he regarded me makes everything cool for me. So I could express myself really much , he was very kind and friendly he’s super real.

We Well every newbie, a dreamer and a Digital Marketing lover like me, who wants to succeed in that. I can only recommend Lakshman to him, he’s super cool and friendly and he has really helped me come this far. And if there’s one thing I can learn from him is; ‘never ever give up on your goals, never judge yourself and show gratitude with time you’ll attain all your goals’.

That was a wonderful experience with Lakshman

Alhassan Ahmed

Ghana (Africa) | Student

The consulting was too good with proper guidelines and on how to improve our work. They shared us all that they learned and experienced by going into minor details.

Everything is understood on how to work to make the big brand, and do such work for the same. “LONG TERM BUSINESS” explained to us in a lot that what to do, do how to think for growth of our company for a long term run so that we can take best leverage benefit.

Prabha & Jinesh

Founder | J3 Art Design

Wait. OK Yes, I bumped into right people having great work ethics and values when it Comes to Social Media Marketing. Consider an ocean (media market) full of fishes (digital marketers) and Exlval is the Pearl in the Ocean. Strategically Brilliant, which helped us to grow and have organic engagement on our media platforms. Thanks a ton, Exlvalians – Lakshman, Roshan, and Other Team Mates. Keep Rocking Jai Mata di. Lets Rock !!

Hitesh Kumar

Managing Director - GIBG

Thank you!! Exlval for your dedicated service towards ALKSUN Medical Clinic. I must say that this was my first venture and had lots of anxiety but your team made things a lot easier. Much appreciate your quick service and naive ideas.
Keep going!!!

Dr. Alka Sori

ALKSUN Medical Clinic

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