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The content strategy that helps Lawyer4help showcase their niche specified services and generate high-quality prospects.

“Showcasing services of Lawyer4help was a major task for us as it was a quite niche-specific industry and people are not much aware of the services we were tapping into. Exlval helped us to create quality content and reach out to the audience we wanted to target. Content Writers at Exlval are quite amazing with their job and their experienced write-ups helped us to gain more attraction to the audience”.

—Alok Koshiti, Director, Lawyer4help.

About Lawyer4Help


Lawyer4help helps you in getting your claim for your personal/accident/drug/product injuries, they are a USA-based marketing agency that bridges suffered individuals and their suitable attorneys for different types of class action lawsuits and mass tort cases with more than 10+ years of experience in this field.

If you have suffered injuries, loss, or damage due to the negligence or willful acts of others, contact Lawyer4Help USA today to file a personal injury medical malpractice lawsuit. Their lawyers are highly experienced and confident in their knowledge and ability to win the case for you.


Every case is different, but it is always a good idea to get legal representation early on in an injury case. The sooner you can work with a good personal injury lawyer, the better chance you will have at winning a settlement for your personal injury lawsuit.

The Challenge

The challenge faced by Lawyer4help was that they served very niche-specific clients and they wanted to reach out to the audience with the help of content.


They wanted to gain traffic with the help of user friendly content and wanted to rank their a website with the help of keywords.


They also wanted to help fellow attorney lawyers with the content they were putting on the

The Approach

The content approach we applied to Lawyer4help was unique as compared to the other projects we worked on. We moved to the basics and foundation of the content that we were going to put on the website.


We used 3 simple strategies while writing the content:-

1. Competitor Research:-


While framing content for Lawyer4help our writers made a deep analysis of the competitors they had in the niche. They deeply researched the format of the content and how competitors are putting it on.


2. User-Friendly and Keyword-Based Content:-


As according to google’s new algorithm for the content we generated more user-friendly content that was genuinely helping the audience to gain knowledge from the website. The content that we put on the website was keyword-based content as we wanted to rank the content so that it could reach out to more fellow lawyers or someone who is looking for consultancy or services.


3. Engaging Content with CTA:- 


One of the hardest tasks while creating content is to create content that is engaging and more appealing to the audience and the content writers at Exlval has mastered this. We have created some engaging content and articles on the website so that new visitors come to a website and hang on to the content pieces uploaded on the website. Also with the right, CTA placed on the website Lawyer4help generated high-quality leads for the website.


Lawyer4help was able to gain some unexpected amount of traffic on their website due to the content that was published on the website. They saw a growth of 89% of the website traffic after uploading user-friendly content.

The content helped prospects gain a clear idea about what exactly Lawyer4help was offering to its clients. This also helped them gain some genuine traffic and quality prospects who were actually looking for the services.

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